BP = Boycott Petroleum


There’s a movement to boycott BP because of the way they f’d up the Gulf of Mexico… just as Exxon f’d up the shore of Alaska in 1989, and Pemex f’d up the Gulf in 1979, and Unocal f’d up the Santa Barbara coast in 1969, and on and on.

They’re ALL evil. If we keep driving, they’ll keep drilling, making it inevitable that this’ll happen again. We must strive to boycott ALL petroleum. (For the record, so far this year we’ve spent about $20 on gasoline… one small tank of gas.)

2 thoughts on “BP = Boycott Petroleum

  1. For the record, so far this year we’ve spent about $20 on gasoline… one small tank of gas.

    Uhuh, and where exactly does the electricity come from you use for your household? And the plastics your computer is made of? And at least half of the clothes you’re wearing? And the soaps you wash yourself with?

    As a matter of fact you can only run this nice little blog of yours because of BP and other oil companies.

    And no, I do not agree with the way BP and other big oil companies f up our seas, but it’s a bit more complex than saying that you’re all green and good because you don’t consume gasoline!

  2. I could respond to your nit-picky questions about our power source, computer materials, fashion choices, and personal hygiene habits, but I won’t.

    I don’t deny all those other factors you mention, but they’re minuscule in the grand scheme of things. Drops in the barrel, if you may.

    We found a way to eliminate at least 80% of our transportation carbon footprint (and our contribution to petroleum demand), but you want to hound us about the other 20%. In what way is that helpful?

    By the way, we’re working on that other 20%. Nobody’s perfect, but perfection is a worthy goal to strive for, albeit an impossible one to reach.

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