Meet Gizmo – Our Newest Family Member

Gizmo is a three-year-old kitten who joined our household this week.

While many other people got gadgets for Christmas this year, we got Gizmo. He’s a small white shorthaired cat with a solid black tail and big black spots on his back and the top of his head. He has almond-shaped eyes titled at an angle to his pink nose that gives his face an Asian look. He is quite agile, so he can navigate the forest of knick-knacks and gewgaws in our house without knocking too many things over.

His job is to evict and/or eat any rodent that trespasses in our house. As a bonus, he supplies us with endless amusement and kitty cuddles, and we are generous enough to supply him with human cuddles in return.

We met Gizmo at a local pet store that was providing space for Tabby Town (a no-kill shelter nearby) to display cats available for adoption. We got to handle and “meet” the kitties that interested us, and Gizmo was determined to be Our Cat. That was Saturday (Dec. 17), and we made arrangements to have him brought to our house the following Wednesday.

Since then, Gizmo has lived up to Tabby Town’s descriptions:

“sweet and gentle, tried & true”
“You’ll love his antics when he wants attention”
“very playful”

He likes to chase the red dot from our laser pointer, and a little toy mouse tied to a string. A few minutes of play – a couple times a day – seems to wear him out enough that he sleeps the rest of the day. When he wants attention, he sticks his face right into yours.

Gizmo is a complete clown of a cat, the spirit of a kitten in an adult cat’s body, and we love him to death already.

5 thoughts on “Meet Gizmo – Our Newest Family Member

  1. What a fun addition! Chandru and I are hoping to ‘foster’ some cats from the local shelter until they have a home for adoption. Won’t be until after he returns from India…

  2. Congratulations for adopting Gizmo. I would love to meet him sometime. I am a great believer in timing, in other words, when you are supposed to adopt a friend they appear in front of you at the proper time. Did I tell you I adopted a 2nd cat to keep Yoko company? Her name is Tizzie or Tizmet, she is chubby and a large cat (15#) with long hair, she is surely at least part Norwiegen Forest Cat. When you first see her she looks black, but on turning her over there are subtle grays, browns, and rusts showing. Yoko is furious that she is there, she did not want other cat company. She intended on being Queen of the house. Sooo, she has daily timeouts in the bathroom when she attacks Tizmet, who happens to be a lover and a cuddler. But, we love them both and they are adorable, the 9# one and the 15# one. Peace and blessings to all three of you.

  3. Gizmo looks ADORABLE! I can’t wait to meet him! (That is not to imply that I know when that would be, however.)

    Someday a cat will enter our world… Until then I’ll have to get my “kitty fixes” through others’ cats. Hope he’s a good mouser.

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