Random Cerebral Flatulence

Most newspapers have a 250-word limit for letters to the editor, and for a long time I considered that the ultimate in concise writing. Kind of the way a graphic artist sees a postage stamp.

After many years I have finally given in to the temptation of throwing out an occasional brain fart that fits into 140 characters. So those of you who are on Twitter can follow me at @Obbie_Z. Expect an occasional snarky remark, calling out of bullslop or hypocrisy, and maybe even some heckling from the back of the room.

RoZ intends to follow with an account of her own some time soon, so her voice will rise up again. It’ll be interesting to see what it does to one’s writing when the constraints go from 250 words to 140 characters. This feels like cyber-graffiti, but maybe I’ll feel differently about it in a year.

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