The Case for Regime Change

In all of the banter among us peaceniks trying to stop the war, I have seen little discussion of the legitimate need for regime change.

Here you have a regime which has no respect for International Law. It’s a government that’s been convicted of terrorism by the World Court. The leader of this regime has the most evil weapons of mass destruction in the world at his disposal, and he has publicly stated his willingness to use them against any nation he disapproves of.

This regime came into power by rigging an election, and it has sent its agents to overturn the results of provincial elections it didn’t like. This is an invasive regime that permits police to detain, search and snoop virtually anyone they feel like with little or no judicial oversight.

Not only do they have a disdain for civil liberties, but they are also aggressively supressing dissent. Recently, riot police encircled a group of 600 dissidents who had congregated in a park in the capitol city. They herded these people into buses like cattle, even though they had committed no crime whatsoever (other than speaking out against the incumbent regime).

What we have here is a regime that is seen by most of the rest of the world as an arrogant, tyrannical and evil regime. SOMEBODY must liberate the millions of people who are suffering under its heal.

But who can help us?

Who can save us from the regime of George Bush and George Bush Lite, of Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, John Ashcroft, Ari Fleisher, Condelessa Rice, and the rest of the sordid cast of characters that make up the regime that is destroying the Promise of America.

This regime has no regard for international law, otherwise it would be sending lobbyists to the UN rather than troops to the Middle East.

The United States was convicted of International Terrorism by the World Court for its actions against the Nicaraguan government during the Reagan era. Many senior officials of the Bush regime are veterans of that earlier terrorist regime.

It’s never been a secret that this regime possesses the most vile and obscene collection of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons in history. (I worry more about the weapons that we do not yet know about.) Worse, this regime has published a doctrine of “pre-emptive first-strike,” where it asserts the right to unilaterally attack any population it doesn’t like. The first use of nuclear weapons has not been ruled out.

This regime rigged the election that put them into power. They tipped the scales in Florida by disqualifying as many Democrats – especially Black Democrats – as possible. This is well documented in the first chapter of Michael Moore’s book “Stupid White Men.”

The Bush regime sent its agents to overturn the results of a state election it didn’t like. The people of California overwhelmingly voted to allow cannabis to be dispensed medicinally. Bush and Ashcroft sent their storm troopers into California to destroy the system of LEGAL dispenseries mandated by the people in a free and fair election. If a third world country had overturned the results of such an election, that country would be roundly condemned world-wide. Yet for the Bush regime, democracy and states’
rights only matter when it’s convenient to their agenda.

This is an invasive regime that permits police to detain, search and snoop with little or no judicial oversight. In the aftermath of 9/11, John Ashcroft and his Gestapo buddies created a piece of legislation that shredded the Bill of Rights. They gave this piece of legislation the Orwellian name of the “Patriot Bill,” and railroaded it through Congress. Questioning this abandonment of our nation’s most sacred tenets was labelled by the Gestapo as akin to treason. But what is treasonous is the way that the entire government conspired to disregard the Bill of Rights and the rest of the Constitution.

And the round-up of demonstrators mentioned earlier? That didn’t happen in Iraq, or China, or in an African dictatorship. It happened in Washington, DC on a Friday morning this Fall, at a place ironically named Freedom Plaza. Activists had congregated there as they arrived in town for a weekend of demonstrations. They were drumming, visiting and generally hanging out when they looked around and found that they were surrounded by riot police. 600 citizens who had peacefully gathered in a park (they
weren’t even protesting!) were herded into jail for the weekend in a blatant violation of every principle this nation holds dear.

How does this make us look to the rest of the world? The Bush regime, with its arrogance and brutality, has caused this country to be looked upon as the schoolyard bully of the world. SOMEBODY must liberate the millions of Americans, and the billions around the world, who are suffering under the heal of the Bush regime.

One thing that gives me hope is the quality of the typical American bullshit detector. We need our bullshit detectors now more than ever. We must keep them well tuned and always on guard to protect our fellow citizens from the bullshit flowing from the mouths of the Bush regime.

A few weeks before the 1991 Gulf War, we were bombarded by a news story about Iraqi soldiers removing babies from incubators and stealing the incubators from hospitals. The nation was outraged, and resistance to the coming war evaporated. But the real outrage was that the story was bullshit: it was propoganda designed to create that very reaction, even though it was a flat-out, bald-faced lie.

So keep your bullshit detectors on alert, because they may try a trick like that again. Don’t take anything they say at face value, and that includes the mainstream media. Watch out for the hypocrisy, the inconsistnecies, and the hidden motives. Try to spot the logic, or more likely, the lack of it as they try to make more excuses to wage an unneeded war.

Let me close with a thought on logic: If the Bush regime invades Iraq in order to liberate its people from a facist regime, that must mean that another country could deem it necessary to invade our country in order to liberate us from our facist regime.

So before some other country takes this as an excuse to start bombing the shit out of us, I hearby appeal to the United Nations to oversee the peaceful liberation of the American people from the Bush regime. We do not wish to be held responsible for the evils perpetrated by a government we did not elect.

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