The Urge to Surge

First off, don’t get me started on how the Bush regime always tries to find a cute little euphemism to replace a distasteful (but more accurate) word like “escalation.”

The emperor recently announced that he is sending another 21,500 soldiers into Iraq. It invokes images of a primitive warlord… the kind you’d see in some of those Hope/Crosby movies from the 40’s. Things are not going the warlord’s way, so he orders that more virgins be thrown into the volcano. I could say that warlord Bush’s actions were equally stupid, but I would be wrong.

Our hypothetical warlord can be forgiven for his ignorance… that he didn’t know any better. This emperor does not have that excuse. Every thinking person in the world (outside of the oil business) is screaming that this is a Very Bad Idea.

So where is he going to find an extra 21,500 soldiers?

During World War II, President Roosevelt’s sons fought on the front lines. If this Iraq fiasco is such a “noble cause,” Emperor Bush should send his two children of military age who are fit for duty. I don’t think any of us should sacrifice our lives or that of our loved ones unless the people asking us to make that sacrifice are willing to make that sacrifice themselves.

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