What a Difference Two Months Makes

Our backyard on 10/9/2009 

This is what our back yard looked like two months ago. We had not yet had our first frost, so we were still harvesting tomatoes, purple pole beans, assorted peppers, and a few forms of food growing from the ground. Two months to the day after this picture was taken we had to deal with a back yard that looks like this….

Our backyard after the snowstorm of 12/9/2009

Last weekend, we received a series of pictures and videos from a family member in Houston. They were reveling in the “snowstorm” they were experiencing, a “snowstorm” that consisted of ice crystals more than snowflakes, and added up to what to us looked like a pathetic dusting.


Do you wanna see snow?!?

I’LL show you snow!!

RoZ in the snowstorm of 12/9/2009

And then Obbie will have to shovel it….


so that we can get to the garage…..

The path thru our backyard after it was opened following the snowstorm of 12/9/2009

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