What If?

Consider a scenario in which partisan roles are reversed:

What if the election process in Ohio and Florida was supervised by the chairman of the Kerry campaign in each state?

What if the computerized voting system was designed and built by Apple Computer, where CEO Steve Jobs is a known Kerry supporter? What if there were countless “irregularities” involving these machines, all favoring Kerry?

What if there were ample voting machines and easy voting in the inner cities, while the suburbs endured a shortage that caused 10-hour lines?

What if Kerry won those states in spite of exit polls (which have never been wrong before) indicating a Bush win?

And what if, lo and behold, the election is swung by a long litany of “discrepancies” exclusively favoring Kerry?

Needless to say, the ranting right-wing blowhards would be howling to high heaven about a stolen election. They would refuse to accept a Kerry administration.

The Bush regime is a fraudulent insult to democracy, and as such it is un-American to regard it with any legitimacy whatsoever. There are many legal and nonviolent means of resistance available, and it is our patriotic duty to resist this occupational government in every way we can. (see this article)

A rigged election tarnishes winners as well as losers, so it’s in every political party’s best interests to support the continuing challenges to this stolen election and to demand the return of free and fair elections in the United States.

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