What Kind of People Are We?

There’s a popular bumper sticker that says a lot in three words: “Mean People Suck.” Because the world would be such a better place if it weren’t for the small minority of mean people we have to put up with.

Most of us are not mean people. I’ve been lucky enough to have travelled overseas, and there are nice people all over the world, just as there are nice people all over La Crosse and the rest of America. But the actions of our government reflect badly on us as a people.

Our government has been taken over by mean people. Only mean people would use war as a first resort, condone the use of torture, or personally attack those who dare to question their meanness and stupidity. And only mean people would want to leave some of our finest citizens fearing for their lives in a lose-lose situation.

Next Tuesday, the voters of La Crosse will have the opportunity to prove we are better people than that. Civilized, charitable, intelligent and (dare I say) Christian people would recognize that the Iraq war was a bad idea to start with, and that there’s no way American troops can stay in Iraq without making things worse.

We have no business sticking our noses into another country’s civil war. It is time for the disengagement process to begin. We need our people and our money at home. Vote yes on April 4 to bring them home now.

One thought on “What Kind of People Are We?

  1. Yes…I’ve been subjected to some very mean people. One meanie…I have said over and over and over again — she never made a positive comment. Every comment was phrased to the negative instead of developmentally to the positive. My endless comments have made no dif. Perhaps she knows underneath that to respond positively means to acknowledge her impending demise. So I do not say too too much. I listen to her “truth” and wait.

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