Gold Plated Bullslop

To say that “money is the root of all evil” is a tired old cliche. But it still seems that the easiest way to find evil is to follow the money.

This cannot be forgotten when analysing political constituencies these days. I remember a time early in my political life when political horse races were studied on the basis of constituencies… who had the blue-collar votes, women’s votes, black votes and so forth. Now the talking heads are saying, “this candidate will be difficult to beat because he has a huge pile of money,” or, “that candidate will have a tough time staying in the race without raising some more money.”

Never mind that the second candidate may have the moral support of millions of poor people, and the first candidate is the champion of a handful of rich people. The rich people have hoarded their wealth and consolidated their power to the point that they own the media that hired these talking heads who bamboozle us into believing that money is all that matters.

But decent people know that many things matter more than money, and to believe otherwise is, in itself, evil. The current regime is not made up of decent people. How much evidence do we need to prove that they are evil?

This is a regime that thinks it’s ok to pay people as little as $5.15/hour. They find no problem with hoarding hundreds of millions of dollars each year for themselves while their employees and fellow citizens can barely pay the rent. In fact, this regime is opening the national cash register to its rich friends while shutting out the rest of us to government services we all depend on. They think it’s OK for corporations to rent PO boxes in Bermuda in order to avoid US taxes.

I recently read an account of a periferal operative of the ruling regime calling a protester a “peasant.” This is nothing new, as I remember being called a “serf” at a similar protest some years ago. Taking a long look back over the arc of history, I see an epic struggle between the forces of the rich and powerful and those of the poor and exploited. Greed and oppression is answered by revolt, eventually a level of justice is reached until eventually the rich game the system to their advantage and the cycle repeats itself. These “peasant” remarks reflect an arrogant gloating attitude that has no problem with gleefully grinding the rest of us under its heel. This attitude is evil.

This is the attitude that is currently running the world. To see the evil in this regime, we must look beyond its figurehead. Its run by people who are there to loot, pillage and ransack the public treasury for themselves and their rich buddies… an exclusive group of the richest of the rich, a group that none of us will ever join.

But gold-plated bullslop is still bullslop. Money cannot buy Truth. Exposing the truth will be the downfall of this regime. They’ve bullslopped us about the reasons for war in Iraq. They’ve bullslopped every soldier fighting in this war. When someone called them on their bullslop, they effectively put a hit on his wife. That is evil enough, but those still skeptical need to see the pictures of Donald Rumsfeld embracing Sadaam Hussein, back in the 80’s when they were buddies getting together to gas Iranians and Kurds.

How can a nation endorse this kind of evil? By having its information spoon-fed by a media propaganda machine owned and run by these same evil forces. This is a machine all too willing to shovel the bullslop without exposing it as bullslop. The main-stream media has become a tool of public manipulation and deception, and can no longer be trusted.

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