Treasonous Liars and Gullible Morons

According to the latest edition of the American Heritage Dictionary, a lie is defined as “A false statement deliberately presented as being true”, or “Something meant to deceive or give a wrong impression.”

Members of the Bush regime have been showering our airwaves with so many lies that responsible and astute citizens can no longer trust a word they say. Unfortunately, the lies are still effective on Bush’s most important constituency: America’s vast population of loud and gullible morons.

Consider the following passage from Bush’s last State of the Union speech: “Our intelligence officials estimate that Saddam Hussein had the materials to produce as much as 500 tons of sarin, mustard and VX nerve agent.” Gullible morons would jump up and scream, “Oh my God! Saddam’s got 500 tons of nerve gas!” But if you can dissect the semantics of that sentence, you can see that that’s not what he said. He said that intelligence (now known to be shady) raises the possibility of “materials to produce” some poison.

Now that no poison has been found, the Bush regime denies having lied about it. But those words were carefully written “to deceive or give the wrong impression” to the hordes of gullible morons. That makes it a lie. See the second definition above.

Let me illustrate Bush’s logic with a lie of my own: “Hundreds of farms all over America have materials to produce the type of explosives that destroyed the Oklahoma City Federal Building.” Word-for-word, this is a fact. But the likely purpose of these “materials” is to feed people, not to build thousands of truck bombs. “Saddam has 500 tons of poison gas.” … “Every farm has a truck bomb.” Both of these conclusions result from the same flawed logic.

The mouthpieces of the Bush regime are now making the rounds of talk shows in an intense new round of this type of lying. Their message – paraphrasing a bit – is, “The war in Iraq was a good idea. We must not forget the lessons of September 11.” It’s a mantra designed to reinforce the false logic that connects Iraq with 9/11 in the “minds” of the hordes of gullible morons.

The corporate media is complicit in this scandal as it parrots the regime’s deceptive mantra without questioning it. But the media has no interest in its duty to inform and educate the citizenry. It’s job is to indoctrinate the hordes of gullible morons, and to not say anything that would cause them to question their roles as consumer slaves.

Our last legitimate president was impeached for not admitting that he had an intern under his desk. This was none of our business, a matter that had no bearing on our national welfare. But the Bush regime is lying about things that are life and death matters for thousands – if not millions – of Americans. Because of their lies, hundreds of our finest citizens(not to mention thousands of innocents from other countries) are now dead or maimed, with no end in sight.

To call the Bush regime’s case for war on Iraq a fraud, a swindle, or a con-job would be too forgiving. They took the helm of a prosperous country at peace and quickly plunged it into an unnecessary war that’s bankrupting the nation and destroying its reputation with the rest of the world, all for the benefit of no one but the corrupt corporate club that bought this corrupt government.

No matter how much they may claim otherwise, the Bush regime has no allegiance for the American people. Its allegiance is – first and foremost – to its corporate sponsors. This fits the American Heritage Dictionary definitions of treason: “Violation of allegiance toward one’s country…”, and “A betrayal of trust or confidence.”

So the Bush regime should not only be impeached, but Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Pearle, Wolfowitz, Ashcroft and everyone else in that evil gang should be prosecuted for treason. In a just world, they would be subject to the same treatment that they’ve been calling on for treasonists. But I’m not as cruel and vindictive as they are, so I would consider it adequate to see them in prison for a long time.

As for the hordes of gullible morons, I have faith that most of them are much smarter than they’re behaving. We Americans are a diverse bunch, but one of the most endearing qualities we share as a nation is our distrust of authority. We are not prone to unconditionally accepting the word of the corporate overlords, their media mouthpieces, nor their puppet politicians.

Most of the American people still don’t realize how much we’ve been lied to while our children were sacrificed and our treasury was looted. We must continue to expose the evil of this regime and its sponsors, and never allow them to be trusted by anyone ever again.

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