La Crosse Tornado – photo gallery

A series of photos from our neighborhood in the aftermath of the tornado we got yesterday (Sunday, May 22, 2011).

You can read our tornado story here.

2 thoughts on “La Crosse Tornado – photo gallery

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  2. Great story and photos! I’m very happy to know both of you and your home sustained the tornado! Yikes! I hear the La Crosse Buddhist Center took a little bit of a bruising from the storm. We had a pretty bad tornado a couple miles from our place that stretched 5 miles from St. Louis Park through North Minneapolis, up to the north western burbs. Sadly, it was tremendously devastating to hundreds of homes in a community of people that was already struggling. Hopefully the unfortunate storm will create dozens of jobs for people who desperately need them.
    Thanks for your photos and story.
    Much love, Stacy

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