Resist the Unacceptable

The mandate is a myth. Ignore all the jabberwocky about the rise of “Jesus voters”, or the yammering about the young voters “failing to materialize.” These are the corporate propaganda machine’s diversions, designed to distract us from the real story of the presidential election of 2004: Non-verifiable electronic voting machines were used to steal the election.

The vulnerability of these machines to hacking and manipulation is well-documented. The lack of an auditable paper trail invites cheating, and the Bush Crime Family could not have won this election without cheating. All they had to do was to tip Florida and Ohio (where their operatives conveniently stood watch over the election process), and the coup was complete, with no pesky evidence proving the people’s will.

Consider the exit polls. In areas with paper ballots, exit polls matched the actual election result almost exactly. In areas with electronic voting, the actual “result” gave Bush significantly more votes than the exit polls. Unless all the best exit pollsters just happened to be concentrated in paper-ballot areas, the voting machines were obviously rigged.

Now they ask us to accept this result. This is not a state of affairs that any true American can accept.

To accept Bush as our legitimate president would be to accept electronic voter fraud. It would also be to accept lies and con games as legitimate campaign techniques.

To accept four more years of the Bush regime is to accept four more years of this country being run by thugs, liars, looters and religious extremists. It would be to accept the spreading of fear and the spewing of hate. It would be to accept the consolidation of wealth by a tiny elite group free to enslave the rest of us.

The corporate empire promoted by this axis of evil is not America. After hundreds of years, our great experiment in democracy has degenerated into the type of monarchy, tyranny, and despotism that it was designed to abolish in the first place.

America is a now nation under occupation… the reins of government have been stolen by a fraudulent regime. It is our patriotic duty to resist, harass and frustrate this regime and to impede its ability to govern; and there are many legal and nonviolent ways to do so.

I urge our overseas friends to demand that their governments withhold diplomatic recognition of this gang of thieves as the government of the United States.

Finally, I suggest that we fly our flags upside-down, to symbolize the distressed state of our nation and to signal the withdrawal of our consent to be governed.

We must strengthen and sustain our resistance until free and fair elections are held to seat a true democratically-elected government in the United States.


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If you want to help contest this election, offers the best hope. They need lawyers, computer experts, local contact people everywhere, and money.

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