That’s the advertising slogan for the new version of Windoze, called “Vista.” The word “Wow” was splashed all over teevee screens, newspapers and web ads on release day.

Wow, as in, “Wow, look how much this software costs!”

“Wow, look how much more memory I’m gonna need!”

“Wow, look how much slower my computer runs with this hog!”

I could continue to write a long series of equally obvious “wow” lines.

I’m sure that’s not what Micro$oft had in mind when their marketing geniasses came up with that slogan.

One thought on “WOW

  1. Hi Obbie,
    Spread the word about Linux, let’s give billyG a run for his money without spending any of ours. Hmmm… did that make any sense? What I’m trying to say is something like Ubuntu is free and has good support by a community of users, and can even run many windbloze apps under Wine, Which Is Not an Emulator.
    I’ve beenu running Ubuntu since Jan 06 and haven’t regretted it. ‘Course if you can keep updated on the Mac, you’ve already got the best OS in the world eh? 😉
    Take care,just wanted to say hi…

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