Dancing thru the Stars …Moon and Venus

Something cool happened in the sky tonight.

When Venus is high in the sky after sunset, every month there is a chance that the passing crescent moon will pass close by.

But we are struggling to remember the last time we saw them this close.

Here’s the ‘wide’ look at the sky.

Twilight sky with moon and Venus

This next shot was taken at 6:30…

Moon and Venus at twilight: 6:30 pm CST

At about 8, I went out to get another picture, where you can see how much the Moon moves in an hour and a half…

Moon and Venus after dark: 8 pm CST

Sorry if you missed it!

One thought on “Dancing thru the Stars …Moon and Venus

  1. This was indeed a wonderful sight, Obbie. One of my friends out here on the farm actually woke me up so I could see this. A number of us laid outside (under covers, of course) to watch this progression.

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